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The Heroes of Endless Endeavors.

AGIS is helping you reach success from startup to growing pains, we will be there and we love a bootstrapin' experience.  On the way to the top is an endless struggle especially if you go at it on your own.  But you don't have to do it alone.  There are countless successful business owners who were not born with a silver spoon and met many obstacles in life but throwing in the towel was not one of them.

What is "by the bootstraps"?  In Texas, a pair of boots for the rugged outdoors is a necessity.  But for business to begin as a start-up with financial assistance from a savings, a current job income or family funding, is called boot-strapping.  And in Texas, it is perfectly fine since cowboy/cowgirl, work, hiking, or winter boots are worn with pride. 
AGMIG salutes those boot-strappers with the uttermost passion of perseverance.

A series of Texas business owners who took the long road on a small budget...coming soon!

On the Way to the Top 

Countless failure stories can keep you from progress.  But truthfully, running out of money has been a problematic issue for many new ventures.  Going at it alone is no longer an option.  Even with little capital, a new venture can still plug away...right at your finger-tips.

Score.org. (Retired executives volunteer) to guide in the process.

SBA Everything you need to know about start-up and growth.

VistaPrint. From business cards to trade show signs, affordable printing needs.

GotPrint.  Got design software? Template downloads offered so your brand marks the spot on every type product.  Wide selection on business card shapes.  Orders start as low as 100 in quantity and go as high as 5000.

UH Small Business. Workshops to start or refresh your business venture.

Fiverr.  A wide range of freelance services at reasonable rates.  From content for a brochure, to graphic art work. Experts from all over the world so if you want someone in close proximity, state as your preference.

LegalZoom.  Filing forms never got easier!  And for a low monthly fee, an attorney's advice to boot.

OSHA.  Unsure if your office is in compliance?  Construction, healthcare, general businesses; preventive and emergency work-related illnesses.

ShareBootstrap. An ton of one-page websites; trendy styles and low cost.

WeChat. Free messaging and video chat; popular and can be used up to 9 video calls at once.

How do I get my business certified?  Depends on how you want to get categorized.  
Small Business | Minority | TxHUB | Female | Veteran 

INC.com Best Inspirational Business Books.  Read to improve, how-to, or be inspired to get moving.

LinkedIn. Best reads to help get on the right track. 

Entrepreneur.com  10 Must-reads of inspirational business leaders.

BusinessInsider. 15 Rags to Riches stories.

Entrepreneural Inspiration in Film:    
"Joy" |  "The Pursuit of Happyness" | "Walt Before Mickey" | "What's Love Got to Do with It" | Bio of Coco Chanel
​Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.  -Will Rogers
The story of American business is a fascinating one because if you appreciate American history, as entrepreneurs do, inspiration can be traced all the way back to colonial American and included great female contributors.

As the U.S. entered World War 2, the economy was transformed into a war production.  War planes, ammunition, food and medical supply, were produced by American businesses and labor.  President Roosevelt defined the country support as "the patriotic team".  Twice in history, the first being 1770s in a mass boycott of British goods against taxation, and the second in World War 2 rationing, has the American consumer altered its method of purchasing power for the good of the U.S.         >>>economic growth

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 The Self-Made Shall Inherit the Earth
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