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A College Student's Wish List: A Parking Spot and Coffee

by A. Montalbano on 08/20/15

One of the most important aspects heading back to college campus is to seek a major.  But although campuses have advisers to help map out your future, no one talks about what students really need.  When yours truly was a student back in the day, a wise adviser once said, "School is 80% paperwork and 20% studying."
He was right.  Most of my days were spent filling out paperwork for student loans and grants and schedules(days before online access and laptops) with no guidance of what college life really meant.
Today, student time management has flipped due to advanced technology.  Students spend most of their time studying and less filling out paperwork...or more time left for partying.
Regardless, when broken down, college life hasn't changed much  Relatively, student concerns appear the same, fears appear the same, although an increase in anxiety and depression is noted from a study presented by USAToday 2010.
Many parents today take the burden of those issues that students faced in the past: loans, daily financial means for books, entertainment, meals, vehicle, etc. Which leaves the modern student more time for studying.  Way to go parents!  However, no one, not even in history, has been able to escape the real burdens of student life on campus. 

We have listed the top 10 likely campus-life jolts a student BODY gets hit with during the first semester away from home: 

10.  No more home cooked meals.  If you never agreed with moms meals, then you benefit from this one.  But most likely, pepto bismo is just what the doctor ordered so make sure this is in your care package mother sends you after 2 weeks while adjusting to the campus food.

9.   Money escapes your CashGIFTCard faster.  At times you want to impress your new-found friends and therefore are spreading the wealth.  Avoid it.  Its not how to get friends in college.  Act like a drifter with no money and they won't mooch.  Mom and Pop are itemizing your expenditures and will eventually cut you off.  CashGIFTCards with limits are a safe haven for parents!

8.  Socializing.  The dorm you pick is where you will find your new-found circle. So pick wisely.  If you are lucky, you may get a compatible roommate.  But most often your roommate is not hand picked just for you and can turn into a roommate from hell.  Make sure you can survive a whole semester or even 2 with in incompatible mate.  Bring him/her a favorite food or drink to break the ice and keep the ice from forming.  He/she may turn out to be the next president of the USA or to say the least, the recruiter to the company you may want to work for.

7.   Over-Comforts from home.  It is comforting to bring things that remind you of home.  But awkward if  those things are too unusual for the general masses.  Wearing nothing while you sleep is not going to make you a compatible roomie even if you are warm, welcoming, and popular amongst your peers.  Your behavior must mesh with masses so leave "all about you" at the edge of the campus.  T-shirts and night pants are welcomed.
If you rent, this is a whole different story and most often, you chose your roomie.  Keep your apartment simple and don't over indulge on YOUR STUFF. Take care of your stuff and get renters insurance coverage. Its affordable!

6.  Bring containers.  Containers organize your life because life on campus becomes scattered and chaotic.  Campus life is about sharing space so keep it together and respectful.

5.  The C is for Common.  Typically your first semester is the toughest adjustment you will ever encounter.  With all the fears bottled up in the pit of your stomach, along with the bad food. trying to fit in, and the bad roomie, concentration on studies will alter and grades will deviate.  In high school, the A's came easily, but in college, you encounter a C or two.  This isn't the end of your college career...it the beginning of learning a new study style.  Make a B or better and get a discount on your auto insurance!

4.   Break-Away from Your Norm.  If mom and pop always protected you from the hard world, here is where a LIFE COACH is a benefit to you.  Forget about when mom and pop took over, its time to kick it into high gear.  Dependency weighs heavily on getting things done.  It becomes an expensive and negative  choice and others around you will remove themselves from your circle as it starts to show more often.  Asking for help does not mean you are incompetent.  It means you are on your way to adulthood because you are not suppose to know everything.  Have you ever known a know-it-all?  Annoying.  So start with the campus adviser, then if you need or want further help a LIFE COACH is a sure bet who can teach you how to score better interviews, better friends/acquaintances, and a better lifestyle.

3.   A Part-time Job.  Taking on a part-time job will earn you development skills both personally and career building.  This is what employers eyes scan for on your resume.  If a part-time job is not an option, membership at a academic club, organization or volunteer group is essential to the growth of your well being.  Add growth building skills to your resume and how you helped the company grow or lessen costs.

2.  A Parking Spot.
  If you don't take a vehicle to school, a permit is not necessary nor is the aggravation of locating a parking spot.  And your parents get a great discount for you being away from home without a car.  For those requiring a vehicle, AGIS offers auto insurance coverage for the independent student who owns his own vehicle. 

1.  College tuition is a Privilege...not a Right!  Parents tend to want a better life for their children than there own and college is a stepping stone.  Be grateful and show appreciation for their continuous duty without complaint.  Send them a cup of java gift card once in a while for all they do.  It will be heartfelt.

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