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Dear Insurance Agent...

by A. Montalbano on 11/21/14

Over the course of my career in the insurance industry, agents have become expert insurance counselors who work hard to educate their customers.  But even so, every once in a while, we run into the the not-so-conscious who can throw us for a loop with their not-so-bright mishaps.  The following are actual stories.  Only names have been changed...

1.  From an aggressive housewife, who caused a major car accident while talking on the phone and pulled out in front of an oncoming vehicle...that had the right of way:  
Dear Insurance Agent...Why did I get the ticket?! He never slowed down!

Response from the Agent
Response:  Dear Insured...First, you didn't have the right-of-way and secondly, you were talking on the phone, a major distraction.

2.  From the witless homeowner who decided to get insurance again after 10 years of no coverage:
Dear Insurance Agent...After I finished paying my house off, why did I need insurance thereafter?

Response:  Dear Insured...You need insurance to cover unexpected losses, not to satisfy a loan.

3.  From the space cadet who has been cancelled for 6 months despite numerous messages from the agent, finally calls in that his id card is expired.  
Dear Insurance Agent...Why do I pay you!!!

Response: Dear Insured: We made countless attempts to notify you early of the upcoming cancellation due to non-pay.  We understand about hardship and hyper-living, but at this point we can re write and suggest bank draft payment plan.

4.  From the rage-a-holic who needs to blame someone over his inability to keep up with his bills and sends his wife to fight his battles.
Dear Insurance Agent...You need to fire the staff in your office.  Yes, she did help us to get covered again within minutes.  But she was rude!

Response:  Dear Insured...We understand and want to help.  Our staff work at resolving issues and we invite you to file a complaint so we can investigate further.  However, it appears that late payments are a constant on your account.  We have other payment options. The rude staff got you back on the road by going to bat for you with the underwriter.

5.  From the knucklehead who pays his bill 2 weeks late every time.
Dear Insurance Agent...Why does my bill always include a late fee?

Response:  Dear Insured...Pay your bills late, you get a late charge.

6.  From the cheated spouse.
Dear Insurance Agent...Besides auto and home insurance, is there coverage for mistakes in life, like marrying the wrong person?

Response:  Dear Insured...That is a thought.  I will pass it along to the insurance company rep.

7.  From the cheating spouse.
Dear Insurance Agent...I prefer if you send me all the id cards in separate names and let me disperse them.  You sent the wrong id card to the wrong driver on my policy and now I'm in a jam.

Response:  Dear Insured...Indeed you are.

8.  From the babbling philosopher who has countless questions after reviewing the insurance proposal for countless hours and eventually doesn't buy.  
Dear Insurance Agent...After reviewing your insurance proposal, I have decided to go with the other agent.  He found me a deal $25 less a year.  

Response: Dear Insured...$2.00 a month in savings is a steal! You go boy!

9.  From the mysterious call-in for a quote who "doesn't have accidents/claims/tickets" and is ready to proceed with the application.
Dear Insurance Agent...Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the two accidents. But why would they be held against me? And why did my rate just jump? That is bait and switch if I have ever known it!

Dear Insured...No bait and switch here.  At quoting, we go with your word having no accidents, tickets or claims. No MVR is run until the last stage of the application phase. Its a good idea to be truthful at quoting stage.

10.  From the nervous nelly 19-year-old who just got into a fight with father because he received his second ticket in one year.
Dear Insurance Agent...Yeah, can you like get me a rate lower than that? My father is threatening to make me get a job to pay for my own insurance and this seems kinda extreme over two tickets.

Dear Insured...A job is a good thing. 

11.  From the clutter-bug homeowner who refuses to trim the limbs away from the roof and remove the old rusted trampoline sitting in the back yard.
Dear Insurance Agent...Why is my policy being cancelled?! I'm not bending for the insurance company to tell me how to run my life!

Dear Insured...Neither is the insurance company.  A neighborhood usually has an association with rules in keeping up your property.  Insurance companies also have rules to lessen your liability and the likelihood of a claim.

12.  From the penny pincher who thought she could save a buck by not purchasing roadside assistance and towing for $21/yr when offered by the agent.
Dear Insurance Agent...Is there any coverage for my stalled car?  

Dear Insured...We can add it for $21/yr. 

13.  From the haggling homeowner who is argumentative about the dwelling value of a 2000 square foot home.
Dear Insurance Agent...I only want to insure my house for $125,000. I don't need my house covered at $200,000.  Its too much and I have never had a loss this high anyway; I refuse this value.

Dear Insured...Your home becomes underinsured.  You can have a policy that offers Replacement Cost Value or one that offers Actual Cash Value.  We recommend RCV although it is higher in cost, it pays out "old for new".  The ACV depreciates, it pays out "old for old".  Is your home a valuable asset to you?

14.  From the homeowners who refuses to cover his home with insurance, had a fire in his kitchen, and angry that the fire department sent him a bill.
Dear Insurance Agent...I just suffered a loss, have no way of repairs at this point and then I get a bill from the fire department just because they did their job.

Dear No Insurance...The fire department is compensated through homeowners insurance.  Get coverage.

15.  From the over-the-top lifer who continues to ruin his credit with materialistic things. 
Dear Insurance Agent...So what if I have bad credit! What does credit have to do with me getting insurance coverage?! This is a sham!
Dear Credit Concern...It is a plus for those with good scores. It helps those who take care of their credit to get better rates.

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