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Gotta Love a Tool (Part 1) History of Tools, Great Strides of 2 Great Empires

by A. Montalbano on 08/10/14

Progress in a society is measured by its technological advancements.

Although Craftsman was the first American standard in the quality of tools since 1927, tools go far back as the Stone Age when stones were used to shape a desired form.  Yet, the ingenuity of two important empires are recognized for instrumental development of tools still widely used today.

The Roman Empire was one of the most highly structured society of its time.  The Romans believed all roads lead to Rome meaning that any traveler, had a grand view from miles away of the enormous structures within the city walls.   Its engineering philosophy was representative of the strength and power of this great society.
One of the most important instruments used to build these enormous structures was the level (chorobates).  Its use was to calculate the level of an incline by using water. Another development to strengthen durability against rot and enemies was concrete (slake lime and volcanic ash).  The aqueducts, buildings, bridges, and monuments still stand after 1500 years.  At the fall of Rome, a great deal of knowledge and technology was lost.   However, thanks to early Christianity and the monasteries many practices and uses were saved and  restored. 
It is proven that a steady rate of technological improvements increases the progress of a society, which in turn, creates an economic impact on the individual.  Historically, opposing innovation has proven negative consequences. Tiberius invested in precious metals and over his paranoia of the invention of flexible glass, had the inventor executed.  Another mistake in Roman history was that of Emperor Vespasian.  After the termination of Emperor Nero, the Romans lost great faith in leadership.  Vespasian healed the nation but was too careful and practical in his restoration. One engineered innovation, described by Suetonius, could move columns. Vespasian refused it and preferred to make use of money to "feed the common poor."

The Han Dynasty, another powerful empire of the ancient world was more inclined to believe agriculture and craftmanship were important for progress.   Smaller projects were characteristic of this society.  However, a water-powered engine invented during this period along with the innovation of iron tools for the laborer proved great strides.

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