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Small Business Still the Fabric of American Society

by A. Montalbano on 11/21/13

Recently, I stumbled across an article written by a staff member of a major magazine staunchly criticizing the media's excess coverage of small business as the catalyst to the U.S. economic backbone.  Unimpressed with small business efforts, he listed numerous indifferences.  However, in his argument he failed to make a concise logical point. 

In the business world, just like in any other type setting, there are rules:  1.  Be competitive yet dignified.  2.  Never down-grade your competitors.  3. Always expect to one day partner with your competitors (whether big or small).  

The story of American business is a fascinating one because if you appreciate American history, as successful entrepreneurs do, inspiration can be found from the past especially in the economic theory of our founding fathers.  It goes like this:  A sole person is granted the freedom to set up shop and sell his wares.  Based on capitalism and independence, our forefathers established the grounds for Americans to invent themselves, make adjustments and re-invent themselves again.  Small business entrepreneurs are capable of evolving for their customers.  

In no way is it favorable for any analyst, whether an apprentice or expert, to discredit ANY size business.  Instead, the best approach would have been to journey his readers down the path of appreciation for both small and big business because it makes better logic.  If not for small business, there would be no outlook growth into big business.  Big business was once small and furthermore, small business is big business in the U.S.  So if you are an owner of a small business, hats off to you and your endeavors.  (History of Small Business in USA 

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