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How Your Website and Social Media Can Kill Your Chances for General Liability

by A. Montalbano on 11/22/13

So you built your business plan and you are moving along setting up business operations and everything appears peachy.  You call upon your agent to run you a general liability quote; it gets processed and you move on to marketing.  Two days later the underwriter declines.  Your agent gives you the bad news:  Everything looked good until the underwriter searched your company online.  

What happened?  If your general liability application business description is nothing close to what your website describes or if there are additional services not added on the application, the underwriter can be unforgiving or decline without hopes of reconciliation.  How about that social media page?  Careful with harmful activity or content.  You and your friends might find it exhilarating to post pics of personal opinion but others may find it offensive, such as the underwriter.  Business is still seen in the eyes of the insurance carrier, as an entity to perform business activity in a a conservative manner.  Just like dressing every morning and if you have to look twice in the mirror, only means its not appropriate.  Be wary about what you post and what you re-post from other opinions.  Ask yourself twice before posting.  Use your website and your social media as marketing tools just like your business card.  Update your website frequently just as you would your inventory checklist or even your marketing techniques. And finally, don't allow social media's excess waste to doom your business.

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