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The Marvelous Motorcycle

The horse-less carriage, known as the auto's origin, contributed to the freedom of the American working class but it is another vehicle that has all walks of life romanticizing its ride.

Although the Germans were first to deploy the two-wheeled marvel, its use allowed forces on both sides to dispatch, be used as a communication port, for patrol duty and for reconnaissance.
Returning American soldiers made great use of the motorcycle as it found it way into the American mainstream after WW2.   Hollywood depicted the rider as the lone rebel in movies such as Marlon Brando in "Wild Ones", Peter Fonda in "Easy Rider", and Mickey Rourke in "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man".    
Today, the industry has broaden the variety of bikes to attract the riders style.  Bikes serve many purposes and should be studied when buying for the first time.  Although there are many bikes to chose from, all experienced riders agree comfort and safety is the best ride. 
The future of the motorcycle is told by current design concepts.  From electric to flying, from a one-seater design to a four-seater sy-fi commuter, the ideas are off the charts.  

Obtain a motorcycle safety course certificate and a motorcycle license designation and get great discounts on your insurance. Check it out at AG Insurance Solutions. We are bike specialists.

Which bike is right for you?

Chopper. A custom bike usually designed for show rather than cruising or long rides. Talk to a specialist for insurance rates. 

cruiser.  The rider is in a relaxed position; comfortable for long rides; can be a good touring bike; riders can include accessories such as baggage compartments and windshields.  A great bike for the beginner, intermediate, and experienced rider. But beginners should seek a riders course before handling alone.  Insurance rates are favorable on older riders.

Standard.  Also referred to as "naked", these bikes have an upright riding position and range from basic to sporty. For the intermediate and experienced rider, these bikes are lighter, maneuverable, and versatile.  Have better cornering clearance and higher performance level than cruisers. Insurance rates vary depending on level of range of bike and the rider age.

Sportster. Ergonomic, comfortable, and light-weight which attracts the beginner and female rider. Bike has a low base and therefore not ideal for the tall, stout rider. Beginners should seek a riders course before handling alone. Favorable insurance rates on older riders.

Super-bike. Not for the beginner rider; best left for the experienced race circuit competitor. Unfavorable insurance rates because of the heavy liability factor.

Touring.  Made for comfort on long rides. Much like the cruiser bike but can offer more features such as more fuel and luggage capacity, fully equipped with plug-in ports, and better seat comfort for the rider and passenger.  Favorable insurance rates but coverage on accessories can be costly. 
Heavy weight; watch out for the optional packages, can get costly; not for the beginner rider; best for the experienced long-distance traveler.
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