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AGM Insurance Group
What is Value?

How do you measure value?  While insurance isn't usually a hot topic of conversation, it is proven to get you back on your path when a loss occurs.  By offering you the right coverage, competitive rates, various carriers, we also defy the status quo by offering unconventional service.  Our office is digitally savvy to provide a modern way of keeping you stress-less for your insurance needs.  Online, by phone, after-hours, weekends and customer care at your home, office, or place of business. Furthermore, it's important that the companies we represent offer great rates, enhanced features and valuable service, too. 

Business matters. For commercial insurance, your business is unique, therefore, your policy coverage should be, too. We work diligently with the underwriters to lessen the exposure gaps so there are no surprises.  

Advocacy.  If we cannot offer a competitive rate, we are working diligently behind the scenes by voicing your concerns to the carriers for future market changes.  Customizing a policy fit for your personal and business needs is what we do.  Defying the status quo offering unconventional service is what we are made of.
About Us
Up-Right A Wrong During A Down-Turn
We are committed to the builders and the residents of Texas even during the worst of times.  We want you to know our story and our journey began during the worst of times.  We know what service delivery is to our fellow Texans.  

In 2012, many Americans experienced a dark economic down-turn that had begun with the financial crisis of 2008. Many homes foreclosed, debt and unemployment was at its highest.  This story is true:   

We are always working on offering the best carriers offering the best rates and the best coverage.  No substitutes.
While we were working by the straps of our boots, our founder remained employed under a small local insurance office in town, and at the recent loss of her spouse, worked diligently after hours and weekends to be 100% dedicated to a full-time business.  What happened on this particular day at work would set us apart from any other insurance service.  Ana re-defined service and won't compromise delivery at any level.

"You see, everyone and anybody who earns a paycheck is considered the working class and in Texas this is noble status.  I went to bat for a Texas home owner and in the name of human decency":  The circumstance had become common. Two-earner incomes had lost one, and some even both.  Depleted savings, possible foreclosure messes on many homes, family cars repossessed and credit cards bills piling up.  This spelled credit rating damage.  To add to the misery, late insurance payments places policyholders in lapses and even cancellation.  

Payment Plans Denied. Scenario:  Three carriers decline to offer a payment plan (due to the economic hardship), yet one was willing, but the choice was hardly a choice.  The pay plan offered was pay in full. Even in the best of times, a pay-in-full plan is usually not selected.  

The founder request a fair and balanced choice from the underwriter. "This is how it went over: because the credit for this particular household was unappealing to the carrier's standard, the only offer on the table was pay-in-full. Many agents would have left it alone and make no other recommendations. But because of the human condition, in a economic down-turn, I pull the unheard."  Ana spent 17 years in social services prior to a career in insurance. It was in social services that she learned to advocate and understand what moral compass is all about. 

Advocacy Applied. A negotiation ensued an appeal in motion. Given that many Americans were experiencing financial ruin, we, as agents of financial institutions (the insurance industry), must come forward and present financial solutions, even more so during the worst of times. 
"At the end of this day, after much perseverance, human decency won the underwriter's decision.  But because the principal agent proved he was not grateful of my diligent work, this struck a cord with me."

AGM Insurance Group celebrates and empowers the delivery of top service and sometimes we go beyond expectation to present the human condition.