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What is Value?

How do you measure value?  While insurance isn't usually a hot topic of conversation, it is proven to get you back on your path when a loss occurs.  By offering you the right coverage, competitive rates, various carriers, we also defy the status quo by offering unconventional service.  Our office is digitally savvy to provide a modern way of keeping you stress-less for your insurance needs.  Online, by phone, after-hours, weekends and customer care at your home, office, or place of business. Furthermore, it's important that the companies we represent offer great rates, enhanced features and valuable service, too. 

Business matters. For commercial insurance, your business is unique, therefore, your policy coverage should be, too. We work diligently with the underwriters to lessen the exposure gaps so there are no surprises.  

Advocacy.  If we cannot offer a competitive rate, we are working diligently behind the scenes by voicing your concerns to the carriers for future market changes.  Customizing a policy fit for your personal and business needs is what we do.  Defying the status quo offering unconventional service is what we are made of.
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About Us
Up-Right A Wrong During A Down-Turn
In 2012, Americans were still in the midst of a dark economic down-turn that had begun with the financial crisis of 2008. With no end in sight, many experienced home foreclosures, debt and unemployment.   At the time, I began a start-up insurance company, but my down-turn became more than just economic. I was dealt a bad deck of cards with the sudden loss of my spouse and left with no life insurance, no financial security. Able to return to work, I temporarily placed my business plan on the back burner.

Many Americans in Dire Predicament. On my voyage to up-right my own ship, employed fulltime again as an Insurance Specialist, my first encounter in the 2012 financial crisis was with a working-class family where, the typical duo-income is necessary for the survival of a household. The wife remained employed yet the husband's unemployment assistance was about to run out. With a depleted savings, a late mortgage, two late car notes, two late credit cards bills, a homeowners insurance cancellation was one more thing they had to bear.

Not All Carriers Are Fit. Under the agency I served, four homeowners insurance carriers existed.  Three declined to offer the family a suitable package, however, the fourth offered a pay-in-full payment method. In my request for a fair and balanced choice, the underwriter responded: because the credit for this particular household was unappealing to the carrier's standard, the only offer available was pay-in-full.  This option was unacceptable.  Assuring the family I would seek advise from the underwriter, this became a full day process. 

Advocacy Applied. It was time for advocacy. In pressing my argument for a better option, an appeal was in motion. Given that many Americans were experiencing financial issues, we, agents of financial institutions (the insurance industry), must come forward and present financial solutions, even more so during the worst of times. At the end of this day, perseverance won the appeal and a monthly plan was applied.  

A Down-Turn Is Up-Righted. Today, we celebrate 13 years as an Insurance Specialist, Certified in Construction Risk, specializing in small commercial insurance and homeowners insurance, and offering carriers with a broad aspect of choices fit for any size budget during any economic downturn.   

We are always working on offering the best carriers offering the best rates and the best coverage.  No substitutes.