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Why the First Step Toward Success is General Liability?  

1. Coverage protecting your business and your assets in the event of a lawsuit. It provides protection up to a certain amount, personal and advertising injury, damage to premises rented to you, medical expenses(to any one person), and the policy could included extra added protection. Keeping aware of damages that can occur against your business is important to stay clear of claims. 

2. Proof to your clientele of your financial stability and can give you a competitive edge.  General liability is insurance most clientele (contract jobs) want to see from a vendor (your business) and it demonstrates how serious you are as a professional expert in your craft.
Keeping the policy from lapsing demonstrates business strength and experience.

Why I Need Business Interruption Insurance?

Protection from the loss of profits and continuing fixed expenses resulting from a break in commercial activities due to the occurrence of a peril.
How does it work?  A business suffers a loss from the perils listed on the policy. For example, a fire burns down the kitchen to a restaurant.  The owner reports to the insurance carrier and the adjuster will require documentation of typical receipts of regular earned sales.(This is where good recordkeeping comes in.) The months during which the fire has shut down the business necessary to rebuild is calculated.  Payroll and normal business expenses are also calculated for the loss-earning estimate.  The intent is to keep you from going out of business and to restore the business back to operations before the loss occurred.

What does Equipment Coverage include? 

Mechanical breakdown happens but when a specified peril causes your machinery or equipment to halt the flow of production, you want equipment coverage to kick in immediately.  A business depending on certain types of machinery or equipment to move a product should include equipment coverage. A good policy offers it and may start coverage at a minimum amount.  Ask your agent to increase if available.

What if Product Fails My Customer?  

Product liability coverage for products you design, manufacture and distribute.  As a retailer, you may be responsible for injury caused to any individual from the product you sell.
Bodily injury and property damage can occur and is included under product liability.

Why I Need Cyber-Risk  Coverage.

As long as you conduct business online connecting you system to a customer data-base or if your site accepts payment or any form of customer data, you want to inquire about this new type of coverage.

Is Commercial Auto Only for a Company with More than 1 Auto?

No.  As long as you use your auto for frequent business purposes, you want to obtain commercial auto coverage.  

Does My Business Insurance Policy cover Flood?

Just like a homeowners policy, flood is not included in a business policy.  It is separate coverage and it is important especially if you own a building, or if you own content in a building that you own, or lease.  

What is Workers Comp About?

Employees who get hurt on the job are compensated through this coverage.  It is important to cover employees for their well being, safety, and your integrity as an employer.

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