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What is Value?

How do you measure value?  While insurance isn't usually a hot topic of conversation, it is proven to get you back on your path when a loss occurs.  By offering you the right coverage, competitive rates, various carriers, we also defy the status quo by offering unconventional service.  Our office is digitally savvy to provide a modern way of keeping you stress-less for your insurance needs.  Online, by phone, after-hours, weekends and customer care at your home, office, or place of business. Furthermore, it's important that the companies we represent offer great rates, enhanced features and valuable service, too. 

Business matters. For commercial insurance, your business is unique, therefore, your policy coverage should be, too. We work diligently with the underwriters to lessen the exposure gaps so there are no surprises.  

Advocacy.  If we cannot offer a competitive rate, we are working diligently behind the scenes by voicing your concerns to the carriers for future market changes.  Customizing a policy fit for your personal and business needs is what we do.  Defying the status quo offering unconventional service is what we are made of.
About Us
From home-based business to builders and the residents of Texas, we are committed to serving even during the worst of times.  We want you to know our story because our journey began during the worst of times.  
I know what it is to struggle.  When I lost my spouse in 2011 and then returning to the workforce soon after, it felt debilitating with no time to decompress.  I didn't know what post-traumatic stress disorder really was until I began the path to recovery.

Many families had to be experiencing the same during the economic crisis of 2008 which lasted well into 2012.  It was one of the most damning recessions every in U.S. history.  Families Lost homes, jobs, savings and even credit scores were shredded to pieces.  Yet the insurance industry kept its normal pace.  To receive good or decent insurance rates, credit scores are a factor and to add to the misery, many families suffered low credit scores due to late pays, no pays and bankruptcies.  

When I learned of this unjust practice during this economic crisis, I decided to work some magic pouring all my energy into righting this wrong.  When three carriers simultaneously declined to work with a family to continue homeowners coverage, (due to a low credit scores), there was one who stepped up but not up enough.  It refused to provide an installment plan and would only provide for a full pay plan.  I advocated that during normal times, a homeowner receives choices in payment plans so why would they shut the door on hardworking Americans during the worst of times.  The insurance company was not ecstatic to hear my complaint, yet I persisted.  

Paying a phone call to the underwriter and reminding him about a moral compass took precedent.  It eventually struck a cord and I pressed on.  At the end of the day, a reversal decision was offered to the family in need.  

Today, as President of AGM Insurance Group , it is our purpose to deliver custom plans for our customers and only work with carriers providing the availability.  And sometimes if we have to go beyond the norm to remind insurance companies of the human condition, we'll take that stand for a better customer experience. 
During A Down-Turn, The Human Condition Will Win.